Säntis transmitter

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Säntis transmitter

The Säntis transmitter is a 123.5 m (405.3 ft) high transmitting station on the summit of the 2,502 m (8,209 ft) high Säntis mountain in Switzerland. It is operated by Swisscom.

The original tower was built in 1955, but due to the extreme weather at such a high altitude, it had to be repeatedly rebuilt. Finally in 1997, a completely new tower has been built which is specifically suited to the icy temperatures.


Because of the extremely exposed location, signals from the Säntis transmitter cover not only Switzerland but reach far into the German mainland, as well as parts of Austria and the French Alsace region. During the times of analog television, it was usual to watch Swiss television with a roof antenna even in the far away cities of Stuttgart and Munich.


  • Analog radio
  • Digital radio
    • 12C - SRG SSR radio bouquet (German)
  • Digital television (DVB-T)
    • UHF 34 - SRG SSR TV bouquet (German) (41.7 kW)

Coordinates: 47°14′58″N 9°20′34″E / 47.2494°N 9.3427°E / 47.2494; 9.3427