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Harz SW.png
The southwestern Harz with the River Söse
State Lower Saxony, Germany
Reference no. DE: 48828
Physical characteristics
Main source Auf dem Acker in the Harz
ca. 800 m above sea level (NN)
River mouth Into the Rhume near Katlenburg-Lindau
130 m above sea level (NN)
51°41′58″N 10°06′24″E / 51.6995°N 10.106556°E / 51.6995; 10.106556
Length 38 km
  • Location:
    at Riefensbeek gauge[1]
  • Minimum rate:
    Record low: 12 l/s (in 20.08.2003)
    Average low: 70 l/s
  • Average rate:
    654 l/s
  • Maximum rate:
    Average high: 13.3 m³/s
    Record high: 56.5 m³/s (in 01.08.1967)
Basin features
Progression Rhume → Leine → Aller → Weser → North Sea
River system Weser
Basin size 212 km²
Landmarks Large towns: Osterode
  • Left:
    Alte Söse
  • Right:
    Große Bremke, Sülpkebach, Markau
Waterbodies Reservoirs: Söse Reservoir
The Söse in Osterode

The Söse is a right tributary of the river Rhume, 38 kilometres long, in Lower Saxony, Germany.


The river rises on the plateau of Auf dem Acker in the district of Osterode in the southwestern part of the Harz Mountains in Germany. From there it flows initially westwards; and is then impounded at a pre-dam and then by the Söse Dam between the Osterode village of Riefensbeek and the town of Osterode am Harz itself. In Osterode the river bends northwest, only to swing westwards near Badenhausen and then southwards near Eisdorf just a few kilometres west of the Harz. It flows in that direction through Osterode-Dorste before entering the westward-flowing Rhume between the villages of Berka and Elvershausen, both part of the borough of Katlenburg-Lindau in the district of Northeim.


  • Große Söse ("Great Söse", left headstream)
  • Kleine Söse ("Little Söse", right headstream)
  • Große Limpig (right)
  • Eipenke (left)
  • Ospenke (left)
  • Lerbach (right)
  • Apenke (left)
  • Große Bremke (right)
  • Wellbeek (right)
  • Uferbach (right)
  • Sulpebach (right)
  • Markau (right)
  • Bierbach (right)
  • Dornkesbach (right)
  • Goldbach (right)
  • Salza (left)
  • Dorster Mühlenbach (left)


At the confluence of the Great Söse and the Great Morgenbrod is the Morgenbrodt Hut (ca. 600 bis 605 m above NN[2]146 – Morgenbrodt Hut 51°45′45″N 10°26′45″E / 51.76260°N 10.44573°E / 51.76260; 10.44573). This spot is no. 148[3] in the system of checkpoints in the Harzer Wandernadel hiking network. The Morgenbrodt Hut was demolished in 2013 by the National Park Authority as it was falling down and it is not intended to be replaced.[4]

Confluence of the Great Söse and Great Morgenbrod by the Morgenbrodt Valley Hut HWN 146


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