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Birth nameJole Richard Hughes
Also known asDJ S3RL
Born (1981-12-17) December 17, 1981 (age 36)
OriginBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
GenresUK hardcore, happy hardcore
Occupation(s)DJ, record producer
InstrumentsDecks, vocals
Years active2002 (2002)–present[1]
LabelsEMFA Music, Executive Digital,[1] Australia with Force, Relentless Digital, Relentless Vinyl

Jole Richard Hughes, better known by his stage name S3RL (pronounced "Serl"), is an Australian UK hardcore DJ, record producer, singer and musician from Brisbane. In mid-2015, his single "Genre Police" (featuring Lexi) peaked at No. 10 on the Norwegian singles chart.


Jole Richard Hughes is a UK hardcore musician from Brisbane who performs as S3RL (or DJ S3RL).[2] In October 2010, he appeared as a DJ at the inaugural Bam! Festival at Ivory's Rock in southeast Queensland.[3]

One of S3RL's popular tracks is "Pretty Rave Girl" (2006),[4] which uses the melody from "Daddy DJ" (November 1999) by the French dance act of the same name.[5] S3RL has contributed tracks for several UK hardcore compilation series, including the Bonkers series. Some of his other works are "Fantasy Land", "Raver Dimension", "Rainbow Girl", "Friendzoned", "Sek C Raver", "Little Kandi Raver", "Pika Girl", "Keep on Raving Baby", "Bass Slut", "Feel the Melody" and "MTC". S3RL uses Reason software by Propellerhead to create his music.

Many of his songs reference Japanese culture such as anime, hentai, manga and video games. In 2011, he founded his own label, EMFA Music, through which all of his productions and remixed works are released. In May 2012, the label issued "Press Play Walk Away" as a single by S3RL and SynthWulf, a fellow hardcore DJ.[6]

As of February 2015, S3RL was ranked 1658[7] on the "Official Global DJ Rankings" page dj-rankings.com, which bases its rankings on a number of factors include chart rankings, DJ fees and radio airplay. During mid-2015, his single "Genre Police" (featuring Lexi), which had been issued in Australia in November the previous year,[4] peaked at No. 10 on the Norwegian singles chart.[8]

As of the poll taken for S3RL's "10 Years of S3RL" video, his songs were ranked as follows:

Rank Title
#28 Request
#27 Techno Kitty
#26 Nightcore This
#25 MTC2
#24 Elysium
#23 Intensify
#22 Neko Nation Anthem
#21 When I Die
#20 Rainbow Girl
#19 I'll See You Again
#18 Little Kandi Raver
#17 Dj Whore
#16 It Went
#15 When I'm There
#14 Forbidden
#13 (See Note below)
#12 Chillcore
#11 Catchit
#10 R4V3 B0Y
#9 I Will Pick You Up
#8 Genre Police
#7 Candy
Pretty Rave Girl (See Note below)
#6 Bass Slut
#5 Friendzoned
#4 Hentai
#3 Pika Girl
#2 Feel The Melody
#1 MTC

Note: S3RL put both Candy and Pretty Rave Girl at #7 and did not put anything at #13.

S3RL's Pick (In order of Votes)[edit]

These are the songs that he felt deserved to be featured.

Rank Title
#... Fer Sure
#140 Transformers
#101 Keep On Ravin Baby
#81 Neon Genesis
#40 Princess Bubblegum
#32 Dealer
#31 Tell Me What You Want

Personal life[edit]

Jole lives in Brisbane, Queensland with his wife Jodie Hughes and their two young boys. The stage name S3RL was based on a nickname his cousins gave him when he was little, which derived from his cousins calling him "arsehole", but they weren't allowed to swear so they began saying "Jole you arserl", and according to him the word stuck and became his stage name.[9]

In early 2018, S3RL announced that his 2018 tour would be his Final World Tour so that he could spend more time with his family. Though he advertised it as being "Final", he clarified that he might be willing to return to the stage after at least two years: "After 2018 I will not do any shows for at least a couple of years, then re-assess the situation to do the occasional show here and there.... For example, if I was booked for a show in 2020 that I could bring my family along too I would consider it, but during the two years off I will not be doing any shows at home or away." He also promised that his music production would be unaffected by this. [10]



Year Single Number


Album Catalog ISRC code BPM Label
2007 "Pretty Rave Girl" Masif Hardcore 2008 Relentless Digital
2009 "Little Kandi Raver" (feat. Tamika) Relentless Digital
2010 "Pretty Rave Girl (2010 Mix)" Relentless Digital
2010 "Rainbow Girl" (feat. Tamika) The S3RL Digital EP 4 Relentless Digital
2010 "Stomp Ya Feet" T-T-Techno / Every Single Day / Stomp Ya Feet Relentless Digital
2010 "Every Single Day" T-T-Techno / Every Single Day / Stomp Ya Feet Relentless Digital
2010 "T-T-Techno" T-T-Techno / Every Single Day / Stomp Ya Feet Relentless Digital
2011 "It Went" (feat. Tamika) Bass Slut / It Went / Crazy Ass Bitch RLNTDIGI073 GBTWT0901303 175 Relentless Digital
2011 "Bass Slut" (feat. Tamika) Bass Slut / It Went / Crazy Ass Bitch RLNTDIGI073 Relentless Digital
2011 "Crazy Ass Bitch" (feat. Kato) Bass Slut / It Went / Crazy Ass Bitch RLNTDIGI073 Relentless Digital
2011 "Pika Girl" EMF001 175 EMFA Music[12]
2011 "Always Picking On Me" EMF002 88 EMFA Music
2011 "SummerBass" EMF003 88 EMFA Music
2011 "Same Never Changes" EMF004 88 EMFA Music
2011 "Happy Hardcore Tonight" EMF005 175 EMFA Music
2011 "Song Without Words" EMF007 88 EMFA Music
2011 "Kamehameha" (feat. Johnny) EMF008 88 EMFA Music
2012 "Want It Harder" EMF009 175 EMFA Music
2012 "MTC" EMF010 88 EMFA Music
2012 "Ready For Love" (feat. Sara) EMF011 87 EMFA Music
2012 "Press Play Walk Away" (feat. SynthWulf) EMF014 88 EMFA Music
2012 "9 Bars of Equador" EMF015 87 EMFA Music
2012 "Shoulder Boulders" EMF016 88 EMFA Music
2012 "Little Kandi Raver 2012" (feat. Sara) EMF017 88 EMFA Music
2012 "Feel The Melody" (feat. Sara) EMF018 88 EMFA Music
2012 "Raver Dimension" (feat. Emcee M) EMF20 87 EMFA Music
2012 "Less Than Three" (feat. Sara) EMF021 88 EMFA Music
2012 "Pump Up The Jams" (feat. Zero2) EMF022 88 EMFA Music
2013 "Request" (feat. MixieMoon) EMF025 88 EMFA Music
2013 "Let The Beat Go" (feat. Johnny) EMF026 175 EMFA Music
2013 "Princess Bubblegum" (feat. Yuki) EMF027 88 EMFA Music
2013 "Doof Doof Untz Untz" EMF029 88 EMFA Music
2013 "Feels Like Heaven" (feat. MoiMinnie) EMF030 88 EMFA Music
2013 "To My Dream" (feat. Sara) EMF031 88 EMFA Music
2013 "Da De Da" (feat. Johnny) EMF032 88 EMFA Music
2013 "I Will Pick You Up" (feat. Tamika) EMF033 88 EMFA Music
2013 "DJ Whore" (feat. Tamika) EMF035 87 EMFA Music
2013 "Forever" (feat. Sara) EMF036 88 EMFA Music
2013 "Friendzoned" (feat. Mixie Moon & MC Offside) EMF037 87 EMFA Music
2014 "Back Track" (feat. Akima.T) EMF038 88 EMFA Music
2014 "Dumbass Statuses" (feat. Filthy Frank) EMF039 88 EMFA Music
2014 "I'll See You Again" (feat. Chi Chi) EMF041 88 EMFA Music
2014 "Mr. Vain" (feat. Tamika) EMF042 87 EMFA Music
2014 "Shell Shock" EMF043 88 EMFA Music
2014 "The Legend of Link" (feat. Mixie Moon) EMF044 88 EMFA Music
2014 "Over The Rainbow" (feat. Akima.T) EMF046 160 EMFA Music
2014 "Nightcore This" (feat. Tamika) EMF047 160 EMFA Music
2014 "MTC2" (feat. Sonika) EMF048 160 EMFA Music
2014 "Tell Me What You Want" (feat. Tamika) EMF049 160 EMFA Music
2014 "Public Service Announcement" EMF050 161 EMFA Music
2014 "BFF" EMF053 160 EMFA Music
2014 "Genre Police" (feat. Lexi) 10[8] EMF052 80 EMFA Music
2015 "Yeah Science" EMF054 88 EMFA Music
2015 "Escape" (feat. Emi) EMF055 87 EMFA Music
2015 "R4V3 B0Y" (feat. Krystal) EMF057 88 EMFA Music
2015 "Old Stuff" (feat. Minto) EMF058 88 EMFA Music
2015 "Hypnotoad" EMF059 88 EMFA Music
2015 "Catchit" EMF60 88 EMFA Music
2015 "Casual Noob" EMF061 88 EMFA Music
2015 "When I Die" (feat. Razor Sharp & Krystal) EMF062 87 EMFA Music
2015 "Candy" (feat. Sara) EMF063 87 EMFA Music
2015 "Next Time" (feat. Zoe VanWest) EMF065 88 EMFA Music
2015 "Intensify" EMF066 88 EMFA Music
2015 "Hentai" EMF067 175 EMFA Music
2016 "Starlight Starbright" (feat. Emi & Razor Sharp) EMF068 175 EMFA Music
2016 "Put Your Phones Up" (feat. Minto) EMF069 88 EMFA Music
2016 "Forbidden" (feat. Avanna) EMF071 87 EMFA Music
2016 "Self-Titled" EMF072 88 EMFA Music
2016 "When I'm There" (feat. Nikolett) EMF073 88 EMFA Music
2016 "Chillcore" (feat. Lexi) EMF074 88 EMFA Music
2016 "Nostalgic" (feat. Harri Rush) EMF075 88 EMFA Music
2016 "Click Bait" (feat. Gl!tch) EMF076 87 EMFA Music
2016 "You're My Superhero" (feat. Zoe VanWest) EMF078 88 EMFA Music
2016 "Trillium" (feat. Sara) EMF079 175 EMFA Music
2016 "Space-Time" (feat. Riddle Anne) EMF080 88 EMFA Music
2016 "3 To The Floor (Original Mix)" 1/24 Remastered EXE068 AUVAA1200040 175 Executive Records
2016 "Artificial Energy (Original Mix)" 2/24 Remastered EXE068 Executive Records
2016 "Blast The Noise (Original Mix)" 3/24 Remastered EXE068 175 Executive Records
2016 "Come On Do It (Original Mix)" 4/24 Remastered EXE068 AUVAA1200044 175 Executive Records
2016 "Can't Bring Me Down (Original Mix)" 5/24 Remastered EXE068 175 Executive Records
2017 "Inspiration" EMF082 88 EMFA Music
2017 "Like This" (feat. Krystal) EMF083 88 EMFA Music
2017 "Where Did You Go" (feat. Charlotte) 1/1 Where Did You Go EMF085 AU8N01100085 88 EMFA Music
2017 "Boomerang" (feat. Lexi) 4/27 Ravestars FSMCD-002 Unknown 175 Future State Music
2017 "Cherry Pop" (feat. Gl!tch) 1/1 Cherry Pop EMF086 AU8N01100086 175 EMFA Music
2017 "All That I Need" (feat. Kayliana & MC Riddle) 1/1 All That I Need EMF087 AU8N01100087 175 EMFA Music
2017 "Well, That Was Awkward" 1/1 Well, That Was Awkward EMF088 AU8N01100088 175 EMFA Music
2017 "Misleading Title" (feat. DEFI BRILATOR) 1/1 Misleading Title EMF090 AU8N01100090 175 EMFA Music
2017 "Music Is My Saviour" (feat. Mixie Moon) 1/1 Music Is My Saviour EMF091 AU8N01100091 175 EMFA Music
2017 "Spoiler Alert" 1/1 Spoiler Alert EMF092 AU8N01100092 175 EMFA Music
2017 "Whirlwind" (feat. Krystal) 1/1 Whirlwind EMF093 AU8N01100093 175 EMFA Music
2017 "Jaded AF" (feat. ChiyoKo MC Riddle) 1/1 Jaded AF EMF094 AU8N01100094 175 EMFA Music
2018 "Through the Years" (feat. Zero-2 and Yurino) 1/1 Through the Years EMF095 AU8N01100095 175 Emfa Music
2018 "MTC Saga" 1/1 MTC Saga EMF097 AU8N01100097 175 EMFA Music
2018 "Planet Rave" (feat. Renee) 1/1 Planet Rave EMF098 AU8N01100098 175 EMFA Music
2018 "Now That I've Found You" (feat. Déja) 1/1 Now That I've Found You EMF099 AU8N01100099 175 EMFA Music
2018 "Never Let You Go" (feat. Eufeion And Harri Rush) 1/1 Never Let You Go NINJAHCSE002 GBKQU1823075 175 Ninja Hardcore
2018 "What is a Dj?" (feat. Jimni Cricket) 1/1 What is a Dj? EMF100 AU8N01100100 175 EMFA Music
2018 "Berserk" (feat. Iceman) 1/1 Berserk EMF102 AU8N01100102 195 EMFA Music
2018 "It's This Again" (feat. Jamie-Rose) 1/1 It's This Again EMF103 AU8N01100103 175 EMFA Music
2018 "Beat All The Odds" (Featuring Kitty amp amp Lovely) 1/1 Beat All The Odds EMF104 AU8N01100104 175 EMFA Music
2018 "Earth B♭" (feat. lexi) 1/1 Earth B♭ EMF105 AU8N01100105 175 EMFA Music
2018 "Scary Movie" 1/1 Scary Movie EMF106 AU8N01100106 175 EMFA Music
2018 "S3RL Remix EP 17" (Technikore, Suae and Fiero Speed) 1/1 S3RL Remix EP 17 EMF107 AU8N01100107 170,175 EMFA Music
2018 "Silicon XX" (feat. Nikolett) 1/1 Silicon XX EMF108 AU8N01100108 175 EMFA Music

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