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SAF Warrant Officer School (SAFWOS) is a training school within the Pasir Laba Camp complex. In the new scheme, Third Warrant Officers (3WO) of all services aspiring to promote to higher ranks in the Warrant Officer Corp are trained here. On graduation, they receive their rank as Second Warrant Officers (2WO).[1]

SAFWOS is a tri-service institute, which has the stated aim of bringing warrant officers from all three services together in a great "melting pot" where ideas are exchanged and cohesion is developed. Apart from training new warrant officers, SAFWOS conducts other courses as part of continuing leadership training for existing warrant officers taking up new appointments such as Battalion Regimental Sergeant Major. SAFWOS, Specialist and Warrant Officer Advanced School (SWAS) and Specialist Cadet School (SCS), are part of the Specialist & Warrant Officer Institute commissioned in 2007 and re-organised in 2010.


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