Singapore Artillery

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Singapore Artillery
Active February 1840 – present
Country Singapore
Branch Singapore Army
Type Artillery
Size Four regular battalions
Garrison/HQ Amoy Quee Camp - 20 SA
Kranji Camp II - 21 SA
Khatib Camp - HQ SA, AI, 23 SA, 24 SA
Nickname(s) Men of Steel
Motto(s) In Oriente Primus (First in the East)
March The Artillery March
Engagements Operation Enduring Freedom (as part of NATO-led ISAF
Chief Artillery Officer Colonel Michael Ma

The Singapore Artillery is a formation of the Singapore Army. It consists of two regular battalions and currently one active National Service (NS) and Reservist battalions. The primary role of the Artillery is to deliver timely, accurate and effective fire in support of the man-oeuvre force to accomplish its missions. As the Artillery is an indirect fire support system, the gunners at the weapons do not need to see the targets to engage fire.

The location of the targets are provided by the forward observers as well as elements of target acquisition unit. This information is then passed to the command post which commands and controls the weapons delivering the fire

Raised in 1840 it is the oldest Singapore Army arm of service.



  • 20th Battalion Singapore Artillery (20 SA)
    • Amoy Quee Camp (no longer in service)
  • 21st Battalion Singapore Artillery (21 SA)
    • Motto: Deadly Accurate
    • Kranji Camp II
  • 23rd Battalion Singapore Artillery (23 SA)
    • Motto: Every Round Counts
    • Khatib Camp
  • 24th Battalion Singapore Artillery (24 SA)
    • Motto: Swift And Precise
    • Khatib Camp



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