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San or SAN may refer to:



  • The indigenous San people of southern Africa, also referred to as Bushmen
  • Sandra Priest, also known as San the Artist, American muralist and sculptor




  • Storage area network, an architecture to remotely attach computer storage. SAN devices connect to a number of servers using fibre channel. Most SAN systems use the small computer system interface protocol. An add-on card must be installed in each computer that will be connected to a SAN device. A SAN is seen by a connected server as a local drive. Since the SAN serves data only as raw disk blocks, the server itself must provide file management.
  • System area network, high-performance, connection-oriented network that can link a cluster of computers
  • Subject Alternative Name, an X.509 certificate extension that allows certain values to be attached to a certificate, such as host names (as alternates to the Common Name), URIs and e-mail addresses.





  • San (letter), Greek letter between Pi and Qoppa
  • -san San (Japanese honorific) used after a person's name, the equivalent of Mr., Mrs. or Miss
  • san (山/さん?), a Japanese word for "mountain", as in Fuji-san, an alternative name for Mount Fuji (unrelated to the honorific)
  • san (Hangul: ; hanja: ), a Korean noun for mountain, as in Jirisan
  • Italian and Spanish masculine word for saint, in geographical names, as in San Francisco
  • Chinese word for "Three"


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