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IndustryVenture capital and private equity
FounderSean O'Sullivan
Number of locations
San Francisco, New York, Cork, London, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xi’An, Taipei, Tokyo
Area served
Number of employees

SOSV is a venture capital and investment management firm that provides seed, venture and growth stage funding to startup companies in the technology sector.[1] The company's focus is on accelerating startups via their market specific seed accelerator programs located in Europe, Asia and the USA.[2] The firm is made up of 8 general partners, 120+ full-time support staff and thousands of worldwide mentors. SOSV is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, with back office operations in Cork, Ireland, and flagship offices in San Francisco, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taipei, New York, Cork, and London.


SOSV (formerly SOS Ventures) was founded in 1995 by Sean O'Sullivan,.[3]

In December 2020, former COO of TechCrunch, Ned Desmond, joined SOSV as senior operating partner after stepping down in August.[4][5]


SOSV invests in the areas of Hardware, Software, Consumer Services, and Life Sciences.

Notable investments include: BitMEX,[6] Harmonix, developers of the Guitar Hero series, Carma,[7] Netflix,[8] Leap Motion,[9] Pembient,[10] Kindara,[11] Storyful,[12] Muufri[13] (now Perfect Day[14]), Breather,[15] MavenHut,[16] Spark[17] (now Particle[18]), GIROPTIC[19] BEAMSTART,[20] and BigGo.[21]

In 2020, SOSV closed their fourth fund of $277 million.[22]


SOSV runs five seed accelerator programs: Chinaccelerator,[23] MOX,[24] HAX Accelerator,[25] IndieBio,[26] and dlab. The programs focus on[27] startup development in the areas of hardware, software, and wetware (biotechnology).[28]

  • Chinaccelerator (Shanghai) - it is a seed-funding program in China that allows entrepreneurs to create startup companies in the tech industry.
  • MOX (mobile-only accelerator, Taipei) - startups in the program receive $100,000 to fine-tune their mobile platforms, services and apps.[24]
  • HAX Accelerator (formerly Haxlr8r, Shenzhen and San Francisco) - Hardware at seed and growth stage.
  • IndieBio (San Francisco and New York) - Life sciences.[29]
  • dlab (New York) - decentralized software technology (blockchain).

Social Entrepreneurship[edit]

SOSV has taken an interest in furthering innovation in Education and Computing.

The Khan Academy[edit]

The O'Sullivan Foundation supports the Khan Academy,[30] the not-for-profit online learning platform whose goal is to change education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. The Khan Academy is the brainchild of Salman Khan,[31] who brought the idea of educating young people, self-starters & people who learn at their own pace — online. The educational startup now counts over 2,600 videos in its library, with sessions or classes on everything from arithmetic to physics, including 211 practice exercises, to let students watch videos and learn at their leisure.


SOSV supports CoderDojo, a global network of clubs that teach young people in areas specializing in computer programming and computer technology. There are now dojos in 22 countries,[32][33] teaching 10,000 children to write computer code and programs each week.[34] Youth learn from one another about computer languages and tools including Xcode and CSS.[35] Founded by James Whelton and Bill Liao, a partner at SOSV, in 2011 as a not-for-profit organisation. The first dojo was held in the NSC (National Software Centre), Mahon, Cork on Saturday 23rd 2011. By February 2012, there were 12 dojos around Ireland and September 2012 saw the first CoderDojo open in Silicon Valley. At this point there are over 16,000 children worldwide learning to code every Saturday.[36]

LearnStorm (formerly MATHletes)[edit]

The Sean O’Sullivan Foundation supports LearnStorm, formerly MATHletes,[37] an online math game competition for kids in Ireland. It was founded in 2014 by Sean O’Sullivan and The Khan Academy.[38]

General Partners[edit]

  • Sean O'Sullivan - Software, Hardware, Software, Information technology
  • Cyril Ebersweiler - HAX, hardware, software
  • Duncan Turner - HAX, hardware[39]
  • Bill Liao - RebelBio, Internet, Social media
  • Po Bronson - IndieBio
  • William Bao Bean - MOX ( and [40] Internet
  • Shawn Broderick - Food-X, dlab
  • Stephen McCann - CFO


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