SS Fortress Regiment 1

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SS Fortress Regiment 1
Active 1945
Country  Nazi Germany
Branch Flag Schutzstaffel.svg Waffen-SS
Size Regiment

World War II

Georg-Robert Besslein

SS Fortress Regiment 1 was an improvised unit of the Waffen SS formed in February 1945, during World War II, for service in the defence of Breslau, during the Red Army's Siege of Breslau. The regiment proved to be an excellent unit in the savage house to house fighting that lasted 82 days but surrendered at the end of the siege on 6 May 1945.


Obersturmbannführer Georg-Robert Besslein

Knight's Cross recipients[edit]

Order of battle[edit]

  • Regimental HQ Company
  • I.Battalion
    • HQ Company
    • 1st Company
    • 2nd Company
    • 3rd Company
    • 4th Company
    • Anti tank Company (150mm)
  • II.Battalion
    • HQ Company
    • 5th Company
    • 6th Company
    • 7th Company
    • 8th Company
    • Anti tank Company (75mm)
  • III.Battalion
    • HQ Company
    • 9th Company
    • 10th Company
    • 11th Company
    • 12th Company
    • Anti tank Company (75mm)
  • IV.Battalion
    • HQ Company
    • 13th Company
    • 14th Company
    • 15th Company
    • Mortar Company (120mm)
    • Lehr Company
    • Signals Platoon
  • Regimental Artillery
    • 1st Battery (88mm Flak)
    • 2nd Battery (88mm Flak)
    • 3rd Battery (75mm guns)
    • 4th Battery (75mm guns)
    • 5th Battery (75mm guns) [1]


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