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STIC Investments, Inc.
Industry Private Equity
Founded July 1999 (1999-07)
Founder Y.H. Do
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Number of locations
7 offices (2012)
Key people
AUM Increase US$2.4 billion (2013)
Number of employees

STIC Investments Inc. is an international venture capital and private equity fund management firm.[1][2][3] It was founded in July 1999.[1][2][4] As of early 2013, STIC Investments had AUM of US$2.4 billion.[5]

STIC Investments is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, has offices in Busan, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai, and Taipei, and employs 70 people.[1][4][5][6][7]

Investment Areas[edit]

STIC Investments engages in growth capital investments, buyouts, and secondary market transactions pertaining to mid-cap companies.[2] In early 2013, STIC Investments indicated its intention to become active in the area of mergers and acquisitions of large corporations.[3]

STIC Investments establishes off-shore structured vehicles targeted at international investors, and is one of a small number of Asia-based firms that manage Shariah-compliant private equity funds, having targeted this group of investors since 2004.[8]

STIC Investments has invested in over 300 companies to date,[4] mostly in technology-enabled manufacturing industries including the TMT (Technology, media, telecommunications), health care, biotechnology, clean technology, automotive, and shipbuilding / offshore plant industries.[2]

Notable Investments[edit]


STIC Investments paid 10 billion won (US$8.54 million) for a 22% stake in Jeil Hydraulics in late 2009, which it sold to Eaton Corporation in mid-2012 for 30.8 billion won (US$29 million), thereby more than tripling its investment in less than three years. The stake was held in the STIC Private Equity Fund II.[9]

The firm made an initial investment of US$20.3 million in Golfzon, a maker of a golf simulator, in March 2008, and sold its stake in early 2012 for US$72.9 million, earning a 3.6x return, or a gross IRR of 66.1%. The stake was held in the now-liquidated STIC Private Equity Fund I.[9][10]

The firm owned stakes in Playspan, which was sold to VISA in 2011.[11]


In 2012, the firm invested KRW162 billion (US$144 million) to acquire an 8.1% stake in Posco Energy,[12] and invested US$28.2 million in Hyundai Oil Terminal, a subsidiary of Hyundai Oilbank.[4]

Ongoing Funds[edit]


STIC Investments has received several domestic awards, including the "Best Private Equity Fund" award at the 4th Korea Investment Banking Awards, sponsored by the Korea Economic Daily,[5][17] and the "Best Exit Deal" award at the 2013 Korea Venture Capital awards, sponsored by Money Today and the Korea Venture Capital Association.[5][18] The company was also selected as the "Best Private Equity Manager" in the 2013 AsianInvestor Korea Awards[5][19] and received the "Industrial Service Medal" from the president of South Korea in 2007.[5]


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