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STP may refer to:

Commercial use[edit]

  • Straight-through processing, banking term where a financial transaction is automatically completed without manual intervention
  • Segment, Target and Position, a marketing acronym
  • South Texas Nuclear Generating Station, also known as the South Texas Project, a nuclear power station located southwest of Bay City, Texas
  • STP (motor oil company), a brand name and trade name for the automotive additives and performance division of Armored AutoGroup
  • STP, New York Stock Exchange symbol for Suntech Power Holdings, a Chinese manufacturer of photovoltaic cells


  • The file extension .stp may correspond to:
    • ISO 10303-21, the STEP CAD exchange format. The file extension .stp stands for Standard for the Exchange of Product model data.
    • Microsoft's SharePoint template
  • Serial ATA Tunneling Protocol, a protocol used to support SATA devices within SAS storage enclosures
  • Server Time Protocol, a protocol used by IBM mainframes to synchronize clocks
  • Shielded twisted pair, a type of cable
  • Spanning Tree Protocol, a network protocol providing a loop free topology for a LAN or bridged network
  • Software Technology Parks, society set up by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India, with the objective of encouraging, promoting and boosting software exports from India.



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