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Ostad Sa'id Hormozi (1897–1976) was born in one of the old neighborhoods of Tehran called Sangalaj. He was a great radif master and virtuoso tar and setar player. His most important teacher was Darvish Khan, who awarded Hormozi with the medal of the "Golden Hatchet", which was given to his most prominent students.

In 1928 Hormozi founded a school of music in Shapur street in Tehran. Later he cooperated with the "Center for preservation and propagation of Persian music" as an ostad of setar.

On December 27, 1976 while teaching at the center he slipped into a coma. He died the same night.

Some invaluable recordings have been preserved of him, as a rich legacy of a great Iranian musician.

In terms of performance techniques one can find traces of his ostad Darvish Khan in Hormozi's peculiar style. His phrasing is mostly influenced by that of Aqa Hossein-Qoli.

Two of his most important students are ostad Mohammad Reza Lotfi and ostad Hossein Alizadeh.


  • Based on the introduction of Hooman Asadi in the CD inlet of "Setar of Ostad Sa'id Hormozi" published by "Mahoor Institute".