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Saaz is a "noble" variety of hops. It was named after the Czech town of Žatec (German: Saaz). This hop is used extensively in Bohemia to flavor beer as the Czech pilsner.

Saaz hops accounted for more than +23 of total 2009 hop production in the Czech Republic.[1] It is the main hop variety used in the production of global beer Stella Artois, a Belgian pilsner.


Saaz has a distinctive flavour. When used in beer, the resultant aroma is very mild, earthy, herbal and spicy. Despite its popularity and noble pedigree, Saaz generally has a very low Alpha acid level and is not very effective as a bittering hop. This hop is generally used for Bohemian style lagers and pilseners.[2]

Another variety of Saaz hops has been propagated in the United States of America. The US variety has a higher Alpha acid content than the original Czech variety.[3]

Acid and oil breakdown[edit]

Property Czech variety[3] US variety[4]
Yield (kg/ha) 800–1,200 N/A
Alpha acids (%) 2.5–4.0 6.3–7.0[5]
Beta acids (%) 4.6–6.0 N/A
Alpha/beta ratio 0.6–0.9 N/A
Cohumulone (% of alpha acids): 23–26 N/A
Colupulone (% of alpha acids): 39–43 N/A
Total oils (mls. per 100 grams dried hops) 0.4–1.0 0.6
Myrcene (as % of total oils) 25–40 37
Linalool (as % of total oils) 0.4–0.8 N/A
Caryophyllene (as % of total oils) 6–9 7
Humulene (as % of total oils) 15–25 23
Farnesene (as % of total oils) 14–20 N/A
Selinenes (as % of total oils) 0.5–1.5 N/A
Possible substitutions Centennial, Amarillo, Motueka, Stirling, Summer


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