Sabbatsberg Hospital

Coordinates: 59°20′17″N 18°02′52″E / 59.33806°N 18.04778°E / 59.33806; 18.04778
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Sabbatsberg Hospital
The former buildings of Sabbatsberg Hospital in 2008
LocationStockholm, Sweden
Coordinates59°20′17″N 18°02′52″E / 59.33806°N 18.04778°E / 59.33806; 18.04778
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Sabbatsberg Hospital (Swedish: Sabbatsbergs sjukhus) was a hospital in Vasastan in Stockholm. It was opened in 1879.[1]

In 1986, Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was pronounced dead at 00:06 CET on 1 March at Sabbatsbergs Hospital, after having been shot in the street earlier that night.[2]

The emergency clinic at Sabbatsberg closed in 1994. It is no longer operated as a hospital, although some healthcare-related activities are still located on the grounds, which partially have been rebuilt as housing.[3]

Some of the scenes in the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo were shot in the hospital.[4]

Floor plan in 1893

Notable deaths[edit]


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