Sacagawea's Nickname

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First edition

Sacagawea's Nickname: Essays on the American West, is a collection of essays by the American writer Larry McMurtry. It was published in 2001 by New York Review Books, and consists chiefly of articles, book reviews and also some interesting tidbits about the young woman that had appeared in the publishing house's affiliated magazine The New York Review of Books between 1997 and 2001. The book was generally well received by reviewers.

McMurtry dedicated the book to Barbara Epstein, editor of the NYRB.


  1. The West Without Chili
  2. Inventing the West
  3. Chopping Down the Sacred Tree
  4. A Heroine of the Prairies
  5. Zuni
  6. Cookie Pioneers
  7. Powell of the Colorado
  8. Pulpmaster
  9. Janet Lewis
  10. The American Epic
  11. Sacagawea's Nickname
  12. Old Misery