Said Abdullahi Dani

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Said Dani
سعيد دني
Minister of Planning of Somalia
Assumed office
17 January 2014
Prime MinisterAbdiweli Sheikh Ahmed

President of Puntland

Preceded byMohamud Hassan Suleiman
Personal details

Said Abdullahi Dani (Somali: Saciid Daani, Arabic: سعيد دني‎), also known as Said Deni[1] or Said Dani[2] is the current president of Puntland.

Previously, he served as the Minister of Planning of Somalia, having been appointed to the position on 17 January 2014 by Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed.[3] He also ran in the 2017 race for presidency .

Minister of Planning[edit]


On 17 January 2014, Mohamed was named Somalia's new Minister of Planning by Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed.[3] He succeeded Mohamud Hassan Suleiman at the position.

Somalia-Japan bilateral cooperation[edit]

In March 2014, Mohamed and a Somali government delegation including President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Abdirahman Duale Beyle and Minister of Public Works and Reconstruction Nadifo Mohamed Osman made a four-day visit to Tokyo, where they met with Ambassador Tatsushi Terada and other senior Japanese government officials. President Mohamud and his delegation also conferred with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to discuss strengthening bilateral relations, as well as capacity training for Somali livestock and agricultural development professionals.[4] The visit concluded with an announcement by Japanese Prime Minister Abe that his administration would put forth a $40 million funding package for the rehabilitation of Somalia's police forces, relief services, and job creation opportunities. Mohamud commended the Japanese government for intensifying its bilateral support, and suggested that the development initiatives would be centered on vocational training for youth and women, maritime and fisheries training, fisheries and agricultural infrastructure development, and communication and information technology support.[5]

Population census[edit]

In September 2014, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation published a preliminary population census for Somalia. It is the first such governmental initiative in over two decades. The UNFPA assisted the Ministry in the project, which is slated to be finalized ahead of the planned plebiscite and local and national elections in 2016. According to Minister of Planning Mohamed and Deputy Prime Minister Ridwan Hirsi Mohamed, the census will facilitate the implementation of Vision 2016 and general development projects in the country. The Ministry of Planning also indicated that the preliminary census data suggests that there are around 12,360,000 residents in the nation, and that it plans to conduct a census of Somalian expatriates.[6]


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