Saint Alphonse de Clare

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Saint Alphonse de Clare is located in Nova Scotia
Saint Alphonse de Clare
St. Alphonse de Clare in Nova Scotia
Saint-Alphonse de Clare Church

Saint Alphonse de Clare is an Acadian community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in the District of Clare in Digby County. Formerly Chéticamp-de-Clare, the name was changed because there is another Chéticamp in Nova Scotia on Cape Breton. The similar names caused confusion for postal and other services.[citation needed]

Coordinates: 44°7′22.22″N 66°10′38.46″W / 44.1228389°N 66.1773500°W / 44.1228389; -66.1773500 (Saint Alphonse de Clare, Nova Scotia)