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Coordinates: 13°43′10″N 100°31′30″E / 13.719499°N 100.52511°E / 13.719499; 100.52511 Saint Louis Hospital is a private non-profit general hospital of Roman Catholic origin in Bangkok, Thailand. It organizes inpatient and outpatient treatment in the majority of medical specializations. Situated in South Sathorn Road. Total area - about 32.000 square meters.


The Hospital was founded in 1898 and since then managed by Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres with their philosophy of "Where there's mercy, there's the God."

In 1975 and in middle seventies, two new inpatient buildings were opened. Saint Louis Hospital first successfully performed open heart surgery as a private facility in 1979.

Modern medical equipment, e.g. computerized X-ray machine, computerized hemodialysis system, computer data management system were applied in 1988. In 1994, the hospital was helped by CESO organization of Canada to introduce Total Quality Management (TQM). In 1997–1998 years, it was given ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Present functions[edit]

It is equipped with modern medical technique including Digital Catheterization Lab, Exercise Stress Test, Mammogram and Bone Densitometry. Inpatient rooms all have air-conditioning. Intensive Care Unit and Cardiac Care Unit are separated into private rooms. Operation rooms and surgical theaters have ready-made equipment from Germany with disease control sterilization.

Saint Louis Hospital declares its patient centered approach (under the declared vision of "We are committed to being a leader of hope in healing and pastoral care.") and provides 24-hour service for 500 inpatients and 2000 outpatients per day. It ensures emergency patient transport service by air.

The main divisions of the Hospital are:

For help in gathering donations in the process of needy and poor patients treatment Saint Louis Hospital established its own charity organization - "Foundation for Saint Louis Hospital" in 1995.

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