Saint Patrick Parish, Grenada

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Saint Patrick
Paroisse de Saint Patrick
St Patrick parish sign
St Patrick parish sign
Nickname(s): The Agriculture Parish
The Historical Parish
Grenada-Saint Patrick.png
Country Grenada
Capital City Sauteurs
 • Total 17 sq mi (44 km2)
 • Total 10,674
 • Density 660/sq mi (253/km2)
ISO 3166 code GD-06

Saint Patrick is one of the parishes of Grenada, covering the north of the country. A spectacular coastline with several fine bays faces several small islands to the north. Its most famous beach is Bathway. The principal town in St. Patrick is Sauteurs. One of the most famous landmarks in the town is the Leapers' Hill, where the story has it that Chief Kairouane and other 40 indigenous Caribs jumped over the cliff and into the sea to escape colonization by the French.[1] Several volcanic cones and craters are located within the parish, such as the Punchbowl and Lake Antoine.

For much of the last century, the parish was heavily agricultural with several large estates accounting for a significant share of cocoa and nutmeg production in Grenada.


In the 18th and the 19th Centuries Irvin's Bay was a working harbour for shipping sugar and other produce grown from nearby estates and the Bay House were shipped to England and France. On Wednesday, 1 May 1867, the Maidstone sailing ship were[clarification needed] carrying 289 Calcutta Indians to Irvin's Bay for labour shortage on Grenada estates.


Coordinates: 12°12′11″N 61°38′26″W / 12.20306°N 61.64056°W / 12.20306; -61.64056