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Front view of Sakan Hotel
Sakan Hotel lobby

Sakan Ryokan or "Hotel Sakan" (ホテル佐勘) is an historic ryokan (Japanese inn) located in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.[1] The inn is over 1,000 years old,[1][2] and is located within the spa resort named "Akiu Spa,"[3] which has four communal onsen (baths) that are supplied by natural hot springs.[2] The hot springs are one of the three oldest ones in Japan,[4] and are located near the Natori River.[5] The inn was originally started by a man named Kanzaburo Satoh, whom the inn is named after.[4] Ownership of the inn has been handed down to Satoh's descendants for 34 generations.[4] It is located next to the 400 year old Iwanumaya Hotel.

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Museum area inside hotel

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