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Saldus Art School (Latvian: Saldus mākslas skola) is an art school in Saldus, Latvia founded in 1984. Approximately 130 students from the age of eight to sixteen attend the school after their lessons in contemporary school three times a week.

Learning process[edit]

Saldus Art school is an educational establishment. The seven-year curriculum consists of drawing, painting, sculpture, introduction to the language of art, composition and work with material. Students take part in nature studies - green practice in June every summer. They make their graduation pieces in the last semester of the 7th school year - wall paintings, ceramics, mosaics, paintings on silk, graphics and other artworks in public places.[1]

Staff personnel[edit]

Ten teachers work in Saldus Art school: professional painters, artists in ceramics, designers and an architect. The headmistress is Vēsma Krūmiņa, teachers are Zigrīda Buzoverova, Gunta Kraulere, Merike Armulika, Kristīne Ozola, Ilze Zemīte, Linda Buzoverova, Anna Dobele, and Silvija Nārvila.


Teachers at the school offer courses and master classes for adults and children, during the school year and in summer. The school, in cooperation with the Council of Saldus, organizes an open air workshop during the summer months. Children from Latvia and from Saldus's "twin" towns Paide, Mažeikiai and Sergijevo Posad take part in the camp.


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