Salivation (album)

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Terry Allen Salivation.jpg
Studio album by Terry Allen
Released 1999
Genre Country
Label Sugar Hill
Terry Allen chronology
Human Remains
Live at Al's Grand Hotel May 7th 1971

Salivation is an album by artist Terry Allen, released in 1999 on Sugar Hill Records. The album's title is a play on the word salvation and features an image of a smiling Jesus Christ on the cover.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Salivation"
  2. "The Doll"
  3. "Billy the Boy"
  4. "Southern Comfort"
  5. "Rio Ticino"
  6. "Red Leg Boy"
  7. "Cortez Sail"
  8. "Xmas on the Isthmus"
  9. "Ain't No Top 40 Song"
  10. "The Show"
  11. "Give Me the Flowers"