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Sally McNair is a female television sports journalist in Scotland, working as a presenter and reporter at STV on the world's longest-running TV sports programme, "Scotsport" from 1984.

She now works as a BBC Scotland journalist, and has presented the shorter and weekend "Reporting Scotland" bulletins for many years. Occasionally, she presents the main flagship programme when Sally Magnusson or Jackie Bird are away.

In over 30 years in TV journalism, Sally has also worked at ITN on Channel 4's original breakfast news programme, "The Channel Four Daily".[1][2]

She presented the late news on the day of the official opening of BBC Scotland's new studios at Pacific Quay in Glasgow. The bulletin was being presented from an open-plan area of the building, and this resulted in most of the news being delivered over the noise of a party taking place in the building.[3]

Escape to Glasgow documentary[edit]

On 14 November 2010, BBC Scotland aired the documentary Escape to Glasgow, in which McNair meets some of Britain's first evacuees, and retraces their journeys. The programme was aired for a second time in December 2010.[citation needed]