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Salomé with her spouse, Prince Achille Murat (1847–95)

Salome Dadiani (Georgian: სალომე დადიანი; 13 October 1848 – 23 July 1913) was a Georgian princess, the only sister of Niko Dadiani, the last Prince of Megrelia. She accompanied her mother, Princess Ekaterine, in her visit to Paris in 1868 and married Prince Achille Murat (1847–1895), a brother of Joachim, 4th Prince Murat (and grandson of Marshal Joachim Murat), on 13 May 1868. Their descendants, Prince and Princess Murat, now reside in Tbilisi after residing in Zugdidi, Georgia.


  • Prince Lucien Charles David Napoleon (* Mustapha,Algeria,, 08.07.1870 – Rabat, Morocco, 27 February 1895 m. Auguste Marie Josephine Agnes de Rohan-Chabot he had issue
  • Prince Louis Napoleon Achille Charles (Napo, France,8.1878, Nice, 1943)
  • Princess Antoinette Katherine (Bebe) (Sugdidi,Georgia,, 15.08.1879 – Nice, 1954), m. Gabrielle Johan Carlo Giuseppe Luigi Maria Nino Bortolotto Bebe had issue

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