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Salome MC
Salome Mc, Iranian Female Rapper.jpg
Background information
Origin Iran
Genres Hip Hop, Rap, Experimental
Occupation(s) Rapper, multimedia artist
Years active 2003–present
Labels Unsigned

Salome Mc (Persian: سالومه, born 1985), is a female Hip Hop rapper from Iran.[1] She is known for being Iran's first female rapper,[2] and today is one of very few.[3] Even though the topics expressed in her lyrics are a mixture of politics, social issues and personal matters, she defines herself as "apolitical" and her poetry being about "whatever occupies her mind." [4]


Being questioned about being a female rapper in Iran, she mentioned in several interviews that she wouldn’t say she faced many challenges just because she was a female. "I might be the first female rapper to ever step in a studio in Iran, yes, but from people around me I mostly got courage after they got over the surprise. The other challenges that you might guess was there for my male counterparts too. Of course you get a certain amount of sexist comments from lack of common sense or education, but that is a global problem. "[5] She also believes Hip-Hop can be a tool for empowerment, saying "it can be used to make people aware of their rights and their position, realize their own potential and at the end, empowerment, yes. But I am not one to speak big. I think change comes slowly and locally, so instead of talking big and throw slogans, I prefer to metaphorize my own experiences and hope that I inspire a person or two.[5]

She believes in freedom in art, and claims she would still be an underground artist even if the government in Iran would allow hip-hop music openly, as labels "create the image of limitations on the horizon."[6] Answering a question about whether she feels that if the government of Iran lifts the ban of hip hop that the artists will be less political, she said: "I think those who have social consciousness will keep doing what they are doing, and those who abused socio/political issues just to get attention will find a different way of self-promoting."[5]

After receiving Japan’s MEXT academic scholarship in 2010, she moved to Japan to further study in the field of audio/visual arts, "deepening her knowledge of music in search for new ways of expression that would reflect her new life style: being away from urban life and living closer to nature." Right now in addition to continuing her hip-hop music, she tries to create a connection beyond language with a broader audience, incorporating sound, photo and/or video in form of installations, and had different screenings, shows and performances around the world.[7]


Hip hop career[edit]

After recording her first song collaborating with Hichkas, she went on to make her solo songs. Her first album was a collaboration with Iranian/German rapper Shirali, titled Delirium (هذیان) released online in 2006. All the tracks in album were in German and Persian language.[8]

In 2009, she released a mix-tape of her single releases title Paranoid Descent,[9] which got extensive media attention and put her in the list of finalists of "Freedom to Create Prize" for 2010.[10] Also the song "Paranoia" (in Persian: شک) received the first place in Tehranavenue Music Festival in Hiphop Category.[11]

Her socio-political songs about socio/political situation in Iran, gained most attention from foreign media. After the 2009 election crisis in Iran, she released a video, titled "Grown Green on This Land", which called all Iranians to unity against those who want weaken to gain access to its resources[12] In spring 2012, she released "Drunk Shah, Drunk Elder",[13] which featured a speech by Ayatollah Taleghani, with a chorus embellished by Bahar's poetry, while the video featured archive footage of Iran's recent history, all edited by Salome herself. She voiced the issues of the second generation of Islamic Revolution and the general feelings towards the current structure in the Islamic Republic. This song was featured in the mix-tape: Songs of Freedom for Iran.[14]

In February 2013, she released her third Album named I Officially Exist, (هستم رسما)[15] consisting of 11 tracks, produced by Arman Deniz and Armada BeatZ. This album features her first English spoken word song, "Salome's Tale". She also has a collaboration with Swedish musician Fredrik Söderlund that has a different sound from her other work. This album is the first full-length solo album from a female Iranian rapper.

Sahar Sarshar, the Iranian/American film maker launched a kickstarter project to make a documentary about Salome MC, and after the successful funding, the documentary is now in production.[16]

Other activities[edit]

Salome Mc is also known for being the first female graffiti artist of Iran,[17] and an experimental video/sound/installation artist.[18] She had screenings and exhibitions around the globe, establishing herself not only as an underground rapper, but an audio/visual contemporary artist.



"Drunk Shah, Drunk Elder" Cover Art by Salome Mc

Music videos[edit]

  • "Vacuum" Featuring Don Porcella (2015)
  • "The Guilt of Existence" (2013)
  • "Drunk Shah, Drunk Elder" (2012)
  • "Grown Green on This Land" (2009)
  • "Scream to Let Your Voice Be Heard"

Notable video artwork[edit]

  • "Three Rituals of Perdurance" (Experimental Documentary) (2015)
  • "Concealment" (Single Channel Video) (2013)
  • "Storyteller's Metamorphosis" (Installation) (2013)[19]
  • "Aquaphobia" (Single Channel Video) (2012)
  • "Lost Childhood" (Single Channel Animation) (2010)


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