Salt (Forget Cassettes album)

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Studio album by Forget Cassettes
Released 2006
Genre Alternative rock
Label Theory 8 Records
Forget Cassettes chronology
Instruments of Action

Following the departure of percussionist Doni Schroader in 2005, Forget Cassettes' Beth Cameron recruited Nashville drummer Aaron Ford and Apollo Up!'s Jay Leo Phillips on bass, guitar, keys, and backing vocals. The record was released in 2006 on Theory 8 Records, and eventually given a European release on March 5, 2007, courtesy of One Little Indian Records. The European release featured a bonus track entitled "Sleeper".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Venison"
  2. "Quiero, Quieres"
  3. "The Catch"
  4. "Nicholas"
  5. "My Maraschino"
  6. "Lonely Does It"
  7. "Patience, Beth (reprise)"
  8. "Salt and Syncope"
  9. "Tabula Rasa"

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