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Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Centre (VECC) is a 9-1-1 police, fire, and medical emergency services dispatch agency located in West Valley City, Utah.

VECC was formed under Utah law by six Salt Lake area cities and Salt Lake County in 1988. The current charter members are:

VECC currently dispatches for Bluffdale Fire, Cottonwood Heights Police, Draper Police, Murray Fire, Murray Police, South Jordan Fire, South Jordan Police, South Salt Lake Fire, South Salt Lake Police, West Jordan Fire, West Jordan Police, West Valley Fire, West Valley City Police Department and Unified Fire Authority.

VECC dispatches approximately 2,800 calls for service daily, answering approximately 3,500,911 and police/fire emergency telephone calls annually.

Phone System[edit]

In November 2011, Weber County, Utah, Emergency Services District Tina Mathieu (formerly Scarlet) and two others — former Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC) Executive Director William Harry and Utah Department of Public Safety Dispatch Center Manager Chris Rueckert — submitted a request for information for a multi-node, IP-based 911 call-handling solution.[1]

The Intrado VIPER system was chosen and installed in November 2013.[1]

The IP-based Intrado VIPER call processing equipment provides quadruple redundancy at VECC and Weber County, as well as a common database for call routing and mapping systems that displays the caller’s location.[1]

In January 2013, VECC, Weber Area 911 and the Utah Department of Public Safety/Salt Lake Communications Center went live on the new ESInet and the Greater Wasatch Multi-Node Project was officially launched. The Greater Wasatch Multi-Node Project includes the 9-1-1 services for Davis, Weber, Morgan, and Salt Lake. The Greater Wasatch Multi-Node Project was the first IP-capable 911 call delivery system in Utah.[1]

In November 2015, Text to 9-1-1 was implemented.[2]

VECC utilizes an enhanced 911 (E9-1-1) telephone network which displays the caller telephone number; known as Automated Number Identification (ANI). The E9-1-1 system also provides the caller name and location with a feature known as Automated Location Identification (ALI). The system also provides automatic call routing, which means citizens are automatically routed to the correct 911 center for their political jurisdiction.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)[edit]

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure was chosen by Salt Lake area public safety agencies for integrated 911 dispatching and records management. The agencies to be served include Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC), Salt Lake City 911 (SLC911), Bluffdale Fire Department, Cottonwood Heights Police Department, Draper Police Department, Murray City Police and Fire Departments, Salt Lake City Police and Fire Departments, Sandy Police and Fire Departments, South Jordan Police and Fire Departments, South Salt Lake City Police and Fire Departments, Unified Police and Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Unified Fire Authority, West Jordan City Police and Fire Departments and West Valley Police and Fire Departments. When fully implemented, the Salt Lake Valley deployment will be one of Hexagon’s largest multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional systems in the U.S. New systems expected to go live May 2018.[3][4][5]


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