Saltego trans Jarmiloj

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A Leap across Millennia
Author Jean Forge
Original title Saltego trans Jarmiloj
Country 1st. Leipzig, Germany; 2nd. Helsinki, Finland
Language Esperanto
Genre Science fiction novel
Publisher 1st. Ferdinand Hirt & Sohn; 2nd. Fondumo Esperanto
Publication date
1924, 1973
Media type 1st. Print (hardback);
Pages 192; 196
ISBN 0-9590052-7-7
OCLC 16838182

Saltego trans Jarmiloj (English: Leap across the Millennia) is the second novel originally written in Esperanto by Jean Forge. It appeared in 1924 (192 pages). It is a fantasy, whose characters are transported out of our time into a past epoch. Written in a simple lively style, it - despite its humor and other attractions - does not reach the level of Forge's first novel, Abismoj.


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