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Sam Bartlett (born November 8, 1961 Burlington, Vermont) is an American performer, author, and musician.


Bartlett was born in Burlington, Vermont, where he stayed until after university. He taught himself to play the banjo as a teenager and got a university degree in geography to become a full-time musician.

Bartlett came up with tricks and wrote them down in his free time. He then illustrated and put about 25 stunts together to create a book called The Journal of Stuntology. In 2007, Bartlett released another book called The Big Book of Stuntology, which was succeeded in 2008 by The Best of Stuntology, which contains more stunts from his second book.[1][2] He recorded a CD "Evil Diane".[3]

Bartlett married Abby Ladin and has three children.


The Big Book of Stuntology, Stuntology Press, 2007, ISBN 0-9791830-0-6


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