Sami Khiyami

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Sami Khiyami
سامي خيامي
Ambassador of Syria to the United Kingdom
Assumed office
July 2004[1]
Preceded by Mouafak Nassar
Personal details
Born Damascus, Syria
Nationality Syrian
Spouse(s) Yamna Farhan
Profession Politician

Sami Khiyami is a Syrian diplomat, currently Syrian ambassador to London.


Khiyami studied at university in Beirut, Lebanon, and Lyon, France. An electronics expert by training, he has held a number of professional roles, including senior advisor to the Syrian banking industry and a member of the board of Syrian Arab Airlines. He speaks Arabic, English, French, and German.


In July 2006 Khiyami announced to the London media that Syria was attempting to dissuade Hezbollah from continuing to launch rocket attacks on Israel, the latter being part of the claimed justification for Israel's July air strikes on Lebanon.

Khiyami has also argued that the international community, when gauging its response to the Middle East conflict, should examine the totality of the conflict's victims.

Khiyami is seen as collaborating closely with Ghayth Armanazi of the Syrian Media Centre, London, and the British Syrian Society.

On April 28, 2011, Khiyami's invitation to Prince William's wedding was formally withdrawn due to Syria's violent response to protesters.[2] Labour MPs said that his presence would have been "bordering on grotesque".[3]

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