Sammarinese general election, 1912

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San Marino general election, 1912
San Marino
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← List of MPs elected in the Sammarinese general election, 1909

20 (out of the 60) seats to the Grand and General Council
Turnout 50.0%
  Majority party
Party Nonpartisan
Last election 60
Seats won 60
Seat change Steady
Popular vote 711
Percentage 100.0%

A general elections was held in San Marino on 23 June 1912 to elect the third term of the Grand and General Council.[1]


In accordance with the decision of the Meeting of 1906, one third of the seats of the Grand and General Council should be renewed every three years. As a result, twenty of the forty councillors elected in 1906 were chosen by random sortition to finish their term this year.

All councillors were elected in their constituency using a plurality-at-large voting, a non-partisan system. However, as happened in 1906 and 1909, candidates elected generally belonged to the liberal group which had supported the democratic action of the Citizenry Meeting or, more, were members of the sole organized party of the country, the Sammarinese Socialist Party. These two factions returned in alliance to create a government coalition, the Democratic Bloc, which worked around public schools and forms of insurance for workers.[2]


Party Votes % Seats
Formally non-partisans 711 100.0 20
Invalid/blank votes 11
Total 722 100.0 20
Registered voters/turnout 1,445 50.0
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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