Samuel Fisher Lafone

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Samuel Fisher Lafone
Born 1805
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Died 1871
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation businessman
Spouse(s) María Fligia de Quevedo y Alsina
Children Samuel Alejandro Lafone Quevedo
Hope Lafone Quevedo
Guillermo Lafone Quevedo

Samuel Fisher Lafone (Liverpool, 1805 – Buenos Aires, 1871) was a British-born Uruguayan businessman.

Lafone developed an important economic activity in Montevideo and Argentina.[1] He established a settlement at Hope Place on the southern shores of Brenton Loch, Falkland Islands, in 1846. [2]

In 1851, Mr Lafone's interest in Lafonia (Falkland Islands) , as the place came to be called, was purchased for £30,000 by the Falkland Islands Company, which had been incorporated by charter in the same year. His name is closely linked to the development of La Teja neighborhood (where today a square is named for him).[3]

He was a decisive promoter of the creation of the Anglican Holy Trinity Temple in Montevideo.[4]

He died in Buenos Aires.