San Andreas: The Original Mixtape

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San Andreas: The Original Mixtape
San Andreas- The Original Mixtape.jpg
Mixtape by Young Maylay
Released July 5, 2005
Recorded 1998-2005
Length 59:54
Label Maylaynium Musiq
Producer Young Maylay
Michael Hunter
King T
Da Riffs
Rodney O
DJ Sane 720
Dr. Dre
Jesse West
DJ Allday
Young Maylay chronology
'San Andreas: The Original Mixtape'
The Real Coast Guard
(2008)The Real Coast Guard2008

San Andreas: The Original Mixtape is the debut mixtape by American West Coast rapper Young Maylay. It was released on July 5, 2005.[1]

Featured artists[edit]

The album features all artists who were affiliated with Young Maylay at the time. It includes King T, Westside Connection member WC, Roscoe, Kaylo, Rodney O, Tugg Boat, Tristate, Da Homie E, Bad Azz, Deadly Threat, Rappin' 4-Tay, 40 Glocc, Speedy and Gangsta Granny.

Sales promotions[edit]

It was made for purchase over his official site and it has had numerous sales promotions for it. These included a free autographed sticker, at customers request, a signed copy of the CD, and for the first 100 orders, they went into a drawing where 50 winners would receive a personalized MP3 recording of their favorite CJ quote from San Andreas.

Album content[edit]

The mixtape was based heavily on the game GTA: San Andreas and the character he portrayed in it, using samples from the game, an album cover with a GTA style and the San Andreas Theme Song. The album has a G-Funk style song called “Comen Get Us”. This album does not have sex content.

Track listing[2][edit]

# Title Performer(s) Producer Length
1 "San Andreas Theme Song" Young Maylay Michael Hunter 1:26
2 "Liq Hittaz" King T, Young Maylay King T 2:37
3 "That’s Real" Young Maylay King T 0:55
4 "West Coast Freestyle" Young Maylay Da Riffs 1:42
5 "Ain’t Official Like Us" Young Maylay, Kaylo Young Maylay 1:38
6 "Ride, Swerve, Slide" Young Maylay, Rodney O Rodney O 3:22
7 "Owna Block" Young Maylay, Tugg Boat DJ Sane 720 3:22
8 "Speak On It" King T Dr. Dre 3:26
9 "Knock The Box" Young Maylay Rodney O 3:41
10 "Untitled" Young Maylay, Roscoe, Tristate, Da Homie E Young Maylay 3:12
11 "Salute'n G'z" Young Maylay, King T Da Riffs 1:54
12 "Inna Ghetto" Young Maylay, King T, Bad Azz, Da Homie E King T 3:45
13 "Like Da West Coastaz" Young Maylay Young Maylay 4:36
14 "Boss Up Freestyle" Young Maylay, Deadly Threat, King T Jesse West 2:27
15 "Commodity" Young Maylay, Gangsta Granny Carlos 3:25
16 "We Like" Young Maylay, Rodney O D. Dope 3:39
17 "Ghetto Stars" Young Maylay, 4 Tay, 40 Glocc, Speedy Rodney O 3:58
18 "Twist A Corner" King T, WC King T 4:04
19 "Comen Get Us" Young Maylay Rodney O 3:30
20 "What We In It Foe" Young Maylay DJ Allday 3:03