San Esteban National Park

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San Esteban National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of San Esteban National Park
Map showing the location of San Esteban National Park
Location of San Esteban National Park
Nearest city Maracay, Puerto Cabello and Valencia
Coordinates 10°23′27″N 67°58′49″W / 10.390833°N 67.980278°W / 10.390833; -67.980278Coordinates: 10°23′27″N 67°58′49″W / 10.390833°N 67.980278°W / 10.390833; -67.980278
Area 445 km²
Established 14 January 1987
Governing body INPARQUES
Crystal Waters of Larga Island.

The San Esteban National Park (in Spanish Parque Nacional San Esteban) is located in Carabobo, Venezuela. The park lies on the Northeastern part of Carabobo and it links with the Henri Pittier National Park of Aragua. Both are natural reservation areas. The park was created in 1987 and it is 445 square kilometres. It lies in the municipalities of Guacara, Naguanagua, Puerto Cabello and San Diego.

The park includes Solano Castle at Puerto Cabello. It also protects other historical areas including "The Way of the Spanish," a path between Puerto Cabello and Valencia, and its arched bridge; the town of San Esteban; the home of national hero Bartolomé Salom; the "Indian Salt Way" between Patanemo and Guacara; and the petroglyphs of Tronconero's "Painted Stone."

Historical places[edit]

  • Castle of Solano
  • Village of San Esteban
  • Ecomuseum Villa Vincencio
  • The house of General Bartolomé Salom
  • The old colonial road or 'Road of the Spaniards' that used to link Valencia with Puerto Cabello
  • The bridge of Paso Hondo on the San Esteban river
  • The Indian Road of the Salt between Patanemo and Guacara
  • The Hacienda Quinta Pimentel
  • The thermal baths and spa centre of Las Trincheras
  • Petroglyphs of Vigirima

Some of the animals that can be found in the San Esteban National Park[edit]

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