San Gregorio Catania Rugby

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San Gregorio Catania Rugby
Full name A.S.D. San Gregorio Catania Rugby
Union Federazione Italiana Rugby
Founded 1990
Disbanded 2012
Location San Gregorio di Catania, Italy
Ground(s) Stadio Monti Rossi (Capacity: 2.000)
League(s) n/a
2010–11 10th (Excellence)
1st kit
2nd kit

The Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica San Gregorio Catania Rugby, also known as San Gregorio Catania, is an ex Italian professional rugby union team disbanded in 2012 for economic difficulties.

They were founded in San Gregorio di Catania in 1990. In the 2009/10 season they finished 1st in Serie A2, reaching the promotion play-offs to the Super 10 (now National Championship of Excellence). However they lost against Mogliano on neutral ground. The following year, in Serie A1, they again were knocked out of the play-offs, however they were promoted to 'Excellence' as a result of the failure of Rugby Roma Olimpic.