San Teodoro, Pavia

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San Teodoro is a Romanesque-style Roman Catholic church in the town center of Pavia, Italy.


A church at the site is documented since the year 752. The parish is cited in documents from the mid-13th-century. Initially the church was dedicated to Saint Agnes, but by the year 1000, it was dedicated to San Teodoro, bishop of Pavia who died in 778. The body of the saint, who is the protector of fisherman and those working in the River Ticino, is housed in the main altar.


The interior has a 13th-century altarpiece of a Madonna and child. and a series of early 16th-century frescoes depicting the Life of Sant'Agnese and San Teodoro. The Apse has a painting of the Adoration of the Lamb and some saints by Antonio Villa. The church has frescoes (1507) by Bramantino and Bernardino Lanzani. The latter's fresco includes a vista of Pavia in 1525/26 replete with medieval towers.[1]


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Coordinates: 45°10′59″N 9°09′05″E / 45.1831°N 9.1514°E / 45.1831; 9.1514