Sana'a Mehaidli

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Sana'a Mehaidli in her SSNP uniform.

Sana'a Mehaidli (Arabic: سناء محيدلي‎; August 14, 1968 - April 9, 1985)[1] was a member of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party who, at the age of 16, blew herself and a Peugeot filled with explosives up next to an Israeli convoy in Jezzine, Lebanon, during the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon. Two Israeli soldiers were killed and twelve were injured.[2][3][4]

Sana'a Mehaidli was born in the village of Anqoun, near Sidon, in Lebanon. She has four brothers and one sister. She worked at a video store, where she later recorded her will. In early 1985, she joined the Syrian Social Nationalist Party that was affiliated with the Lebanese National Resistance Front.

She is believed to have been the first female suicide bomber.[5][6][7][8] She is known as "the Bride of the South".[9]


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