Sancho Folch de Cardona, 1st Marquess of Guadalest

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Sancho Folch de Cardona y Ruíz de Liori, ?th Lord and 1st Marquess of Guadalest, was the heir son of Alfonso Folch de Cardona y Fajardo, ?th Lord of Guadalest, and wife Isabel Ruíz de Liori, Lady of Gorga. He was a member of the House of the Viscounts of Cardona and was elevated to 1st Marquess of his Feudal Lordship.[1]

He married María Colón de Toledo (c. 1510 –), daughter of Diego Colón and wife María de Toledo y Rojas, and had:

  • Cristóbal Colón de Cardona, 2nd Marquess of Guadalest (– 1583), unmarried and without issue
  • María Colón de Cardona, 3rd Marchioness of Guadalest (c. 1540 –), married to Francisco de Mendoza, without issue