Sandnessund Bridge

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Sandnessund Bridge and Tromsø Airport.
This article is about the bridge near Tromsø. For information about Sannesund Bridge in Sarpsborg, see Sannesund Bridge.

Sandnessund Bridge (Sandnessundbrua) is a cantilever road bridge that crosses Sandnessundet between Tromsøya and Kvaløya in Tromsø, Troms county, Norway. It is one of two bridges that connect Tromsøya with its surroundings (a third connection is provided by the Tromsøysund Tunnel, an undersea tunnel). The Sandnessund Bridge is 1220 metres long, the main span is 150 metres, and the maximum clearance to the sea is 41 metres. The bridge has 36 spans.

Sandnessund Bridge was officially opened by Crown Prince Harald on June 26, 1974, although it had already opened for traffic by December 21, 1973. The bridge cost 36 million kroner. It was a toll bridge until May 1, 1982. [1]

Coordinates: 69°41′27.71″N 18°54′9.16″E / 69.6910306°N 18.9025444°E / 69.6910306; 18.9025444

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