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Sandra Bessudo Lion is a marine biologist from the École pratique des hautes études (EPHE) in Paris, with a Master in Life and Earth Sciences Studies in Perpignan (France). She is a professional diver and involved in the conservation of the marine biodiversity and the protection of the environment.


Bessudo was High Presidential Counselor for Environmental Management, Biodiversity, Water and Climate Change until January 2012, when she took on the general direction of the recently created Presidential Agency of International Cooperation of Colombia, governmental entity in charge of managing, technically coordinating and leading the public and private international cooperations.

As director of the Malpelo and other marine ecosystems foundation, she was an active promoter in the establishment of the Isla Malpelo Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, making it a "Particular Sensitive Area" recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). She led several research projects on sharks using acoustic and satellite telemetry.

Bessudo worked in the special administrative unit of the National Natural Parks System of the Ministry of Environment.

Bessudo also served as Coordinator of the Workshops and Cycles of Conferences in Colombia for the International Year of the Oceans. Diving instructor in Club El Nogal and diving Director in Aviatur. Sandra Bessudo has independently produced dozens of publications, videos and specialized documentaries.

Among her awards, Bessudo was recognized with the Distinguished Service Medal to the General Navy Direction, granted by the Colombian National Army and the 2011 Biosphere Awareness Award granted by the Mayors of Cadiz, Spain and Mariquita, Tolima in Colombia. She also received the Environmental Civil Order Merit "Thomas van der Hammen" Grade of Grand Cross of Gold, delivered in the Colombian Congress facilities and awarded by the Council of Environmental NGOs, among many other that she has received in Colombia and abroad.


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