Sangaste Parish

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Sangaste Parish
Sangaste vald
Municipality of Estonia
Sangaste manor
Sangaste manor
Flag of Sangaste Parish
Coat of arms of Sangaste Parish
Coat of arms
Sangaste Parish within Valga County.
Sangaste Parish within Valga County.
Country  Estonia
County Valgamaa lipp.svg Valga County
Administrative centre Sangaste
 • Mayor Kaido Tamberg[1] (Social Democrates)
 • Total 144.72 km2 (55.88 sq mi)
Population (01.01.2010[2])
 • Total 1,464
 • Density 10/km2 (26/sq mi)

Sangaste Parish (Estonian: Sangaste Vald) is a rural municipality of the Estonian county of Valga with a population of 1,464 (as of 1 January 2010) and an area of 144.72 km².[2]

Sangaste feature attractions includes the Sangaste Castle, where Friedrich Wilhelm Rembert von Berg (1793-1874), the Governor-General of Finland (1855-1861), was born. It is now a hotel and a restaurant. Sangaste is also the birthplace of the Estonian writer August Gailit (1891-1960) and Estonian opera singer Aarne Viisimaa (1898-1989).

The village was first mentioned in 1272 as Toyvel.

The mayor of Sangaste Parish is Kaido Tamberg[1] from the Social Democratic Party.


Small borough



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