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The Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology (German: Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Sankt Georgen) is an academic seminary in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

As of early 2013, the institution had around 40 teaching staff members and 360 students, both male and female. Out of these, 130 were pursuing post-graduate studies. 30 seminarians for the dioceses of Limburg, Hamburg, Osnabrück and Hildesheim, and 20 post-graduate students from all over the world were living in the interdiocesan major seminary, studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood. The school offers a 10-semester Magister in Catholic Theology and a 6-semester Bachelor in Philosophy. Post-graduate students may earn the degrees of Licenciate (Lic. theol.), Doctorate (Dr. theol., Ph.D.), or Habilitation (Dr. theol. habil.). Additional interdisciplinary programs are also offered.


The school was founded in 1926 by the Society of Jesus, initially to train priests for the Diocese of Limburg. Until 1951 the school was exclusively a seminary, training priest candidates for other German dioceses as well.

The school acquired a Jesuit theological faculty in 1951. From this point until 1975 the school included two parallel institutions: the Philosophical-Theological Academy, for priest candidates, and the Theological Faculty for Jesuit students.

In 1976 the school began admitting lay theology students, and these quickly formed the majority of students.

Notable graduates include Cardinal Friedrich Wetter, the Salvadoran theologian Jon Sobrino, and Muslim theologian Farid Esack. Alfred Delp, a resistance fighter during the Nazi era, also graduated at Sankt Georgen. In 1986, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, since 13 March 2013 Pope Francis, spent a few months at the Sankt Georgen PTH to consult with professors on a dissertation project, however the project has now come to an end.[1]

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