Sans Pression

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Sans Pression
Origin Quebec, Canada
Genres Hip hop
  • SP
Past members
  • Ti-Kid

Sans Pression is a Québécois hip hop group. It once had two members, SP and Ti-Kid aka Kamokain. After the release of their first album Ti-Kid left. SP is Congolese and Ti-Kid is a Haitian. Sans Pression is one of the top groups in the Québécois hip hop scene. Their first album sold 30,000 copies. SP, whose real name is Kamenga Mbikay, is still recording albums under the Sans Pression name.

SP was born in 1976, in Buffalo, United States, to Congolese parents. He grew up in Sherbrooke, Saint-Bruno and Montreal.

The Sans Pression group was founded by him and his friend at the time, Jean-Philippe Guillaume, known as Ti-Kid, in 1997. Their 1st album, entitled “514-50 dans mon réseau” (514-50 in my networks, 514 being an area code of Montreal and 450 for Greater Montreal (excluding Montreal)), was released in 1999 and sold over 45,000 copies; they proceeded go on tour together until a fallout led to their separation. Ti-Kid left Quebec in order to pursue Creole rap projects. A second SP album, “Répliques aux ofusqués” (Response to the Outraged) was made and released without Ti-Kid in 2003. This album was also a popular success for SP. In 2007, SP took part in a tour called “93 tours”.


  • 514-50 Dans Mon Réseau
  • Répliques Aux Offusqués
  • XIII Deep (a compilation of various Montréal rappers presented by Sans Pression)
  • Treizième Étage: L'asphalte Dans Mon District
  • La Tendance Se Maintient
  • Vagabond Ma Religion
  • SP Micro Drive-By


Their single "Numero 1" is used as one of Georges St-Pierre's UFC entrance themes.