Santa and the Fairy Snow Queen

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Santa and the Fairy Snow Queen is a 1951 short film directed by Sid Davis.


Some of the music used in the short film was from The Nutcracker Suite and The Sleeping Beauty by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.


  • Rochelle Stanton ... Snoopy
  • Edmund Penney ... Santa
  • Margot von Lou ... Fairy Snow Queen
  • Jenny Neal ... Rag Doll
  • Lee Porter ... Musical Doll
  • Don Oreck ... Jack-in-the-box
  • Bob Porter ... Toy Soldier
  • Audrey Washburn ... Baby Doll
  • Joanna Lamond ... Peasant Doll
  • Patrick Clement ... Candy Lion


John Wayne was a Producer for this Short film although he was uncredited.

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