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The Santiago Light Rail is a planned light rail system within the City of Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, and the Cibao International Airport. This will be the second urban rail transit system in the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo Metro being the first) with inauguration planned for 2010.

Approval and construction[edit]

The construction of the light rail line crossing Santiago was approved by the Santiago municipal government. It is intended to help the city's traffic problems. To be constructed by the Spanish railway company FEVE, the line will be relatively short and will take 14 months to construct according to city officials. The Dominican central government will not provide construction funds. It will end at the Cibao Airport, its total length will be 22 kilometres (14 mi).[1] Construction was originally scheduled to begin in mid-2008. As of today[when?] the project is on hold due to insufficient studies about the benefits of this system. It is reported that as soon as studies are complete, work will commence.[2]

The train stations have not been officially announced, though it is reported that there will be twelve, including the Héroes de la Restauración monument in the city centre, Avenida de la Independencia, Avenida de la Cincunvalacion, with its terminus at the Airport.

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