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Santino Ramos
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Occupation Actor, Filmmaker, Artist
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Santino Ramos is an actor, filmmaker, and artist born in Salinas, California.


Santino Ramos studied acting, writing, and directing for several years at the American Repertory Company with Manu Tupou[1] Santino had supporting roles in films such as Carrion and Ironhorse with Eric Lutes[2]

Santino is now part of the cast of Agent 88, an upcoming martial arts action series with Kay D'Arcy Carlos Gallrdo (Desperado, El Mariachi), Damion Poitier (The Avengers), and Joeseph Gatt (Star Trek: Into Darkness) [3] and Santino's older brother Ernie Reyes Jr.

Santino Ramos is an actor and stunt performer in Payday as one of the First World Bank Guards.


(As an Actor)



Santino Ramos' work as a filmmaker has made its way across the festival circuit.[5] An animated segment by Santino Ramos entitled "Rain or Shine" is featured on the children's show Polyphony. A green-themed children's show that was featured in the green cinema at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.[6][7] Santino Ramos is also the director/producer of Mind Polish: Master Hubbard's Special Reserve,[8] which is an award-winning experimental film that parodies Scientology.[9]In 2012 Santino designed the previs animation for "American President" an animated series by Paul Mooney."[10] and was the post producer for The Agent 88 KickStarter video which was featured on MTV Geek and


As an artist Santino's work has been published by Heavy Metal Magazine.[11][12][13]


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