Sanuki udon

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Sanuki udon
Kama-age sanuki udon by sekido in Takamatsu, Kagawa.jpg
Type Japanese noodles (udon)
Place of origin  Japan
Region or state Kagawa Prefecture
Main ingredients Noodles
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Sanuki udon (讃岐うどん) is a type of udon noodle most popular in the Shikoku region, but is now easily found throughout the neighboring Kansai region and much of Japan. It is characterized by its square shape and flat edges. Many udon shops now specialize solely in sanuki udon, and are usually identified by the text "sanuki" in hiragana (さぬき) appearing in the name of the shop or on the sign.

It is usually served as noodle soup, and was originally popularized in the Kagawa Prefecture of Japan. The broth is made from a type of dashi which varies in strength and flavor across Japan.

Sanuki udon are named after the previous name of the Kagawa Prefecture, Sanuki Province.