Saori (video game)

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Saori the House of Beautiful Girls.jpg
Publisher(s) FairyTale
Platform(s) NEC PC-9801, FM Towns, Sharp X68000
Release 1991-10-18
Genre(s) bishōjo game
Mode(s) Single player

Saori: The House of Beautiful Girls (沙織 -美少女たちの館-, Saori – Bishōjo-tachi no Yakata) is an adult bishōjo game released in Japan on 1991-10-18 (October 18, 1991) by Fairytale. The game created much controversy and the Ethics Organization of Computer Software was established.[1] The incident changed the Japanese bishōjo game industry and few games such as Rance remained popular.[2]


Saori witnesses sexual intercourse in a park, which inspires her to masturbate at home. Later, she dreams she is abducted by two men and sees illusions while being confined in a mansion by a female owner. In the dream, she sees many immoral sexual acts. Finally, the mansion's owner is revealed to be Saori. Saori awakes and she finds that this experience was just a dream.


This game was stolen by a junior high school student in Kyoto Prefecture. The game became infamous, so it was regarded as a dangerous game. On November 11, 1991, the president of Fairytale was arrested for indecency. As the result, video game companies established the Ethics Organization of Computer Software.[citation needed]

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