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Entrance to TTTM Sapa, 2019

Sapa, fully TTTM Sapa also called as Little Hanoi[1] or Prague Hanoi is a Vietnamese trading center and market in Czechia capital city Prague, Libuš neighborhood.[2] It was created in the area of former poultry farm around 2000 and it is often called as "city in city" by media. After Ukrainans and Slovaks, Vientnamese are the third largest ethnic minority in the country, with Sapa being Czech „Vietnamese capital".[3] Sapa offers many restaurants, food stands, specialized grocery stores, warehouse club called Tamda foods, warehouses, school, places for meetings, social events or buddhist temple. Total area of Sapa is 35 hectares (86 acres) and around seven thousand people work there.[2]


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