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This article is about the Northern Ireland born journalist. For the American soprano, see Sarah Coburn. For the English writer and barrister whose name was Sarah Cockburn, see Sarah Caudwell.

Sara Coburn (born 25 December 1963 in Northern Ireland) is a journalist and currently a business presenter on BBC Breakfast and the BBC News channel.


Sara Coburn joined the BBC in 1985. Her first role with the corporation was as a reporter with BBC Radio 4's The World At One and PM programmes. She began to specialise in business journalism in 1987 when she joined Channel 4's Business Daily as a producer, but returned to the BBC in 1989 to present BBC1's flagship Business Breakfast alongside Paul Burden. She co-presented with Burden for a number of years, working on both domestic and international business stories.

Coburn is currently a business news presenter on BBC Breakfast and the BBC News channel, where she interviews company bosses, politicians and commentators about business related subjects, such as corporate news, stock markets and personal finance.

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