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Sarabråten in the 1880s. The building no longer exists

Sarabråten is an area near the lake Nøklevann in Østmarka, Oslo, Norway.

Now a recreational area, it was owned by Thomas Johannessen Heftye and his descendants from 1856 to 1911, and after that by Oslo municipality.[1] It was first recorded under the name Jørgensrud in 1578, when owned by the Diocese of Oslo.[2] A ski jumping hill was located here earlier.[1]

Sarabråten has a memorial of Christian Dons,[1] founder of the Scout Movement in Norway, as well as a memorial raised in 1946 of nine WWII resistance members.[2]


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Coordinates: 59°53′30″N 10°52′44″E / 59.8918°N 10.8788°E / 59.8918; 10.8788